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Willow the Warrior

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Little did I know a year ago, her life was about to change forever. Little did I know our entire family was about to endure the amount of stress we faced. On January 24th, 2021....our lives changed forever. But most of all, HER life changed, and it was a huge punch in the gut for everyone...but none of us knew what she was getting ready to teach us all.

I've highlighted certain portions of this blog to share how you can see a pattern of motherly intuition & determination.

On January 26th, I shared this on my social media:

"Motherly instincts are a real thing.

Mommas, this is your reminder to follow your gut & do what that gut tells you to do. We are currently on a journey that my motherly instincts told me something wasn’t right for months, but I continue to pursue and get the answers we need.

Also grateful to have finally found a doctor that is listening to us. When the timing is right, we shall share our story. Until then, I urge you to know that you know your children best and if you feel an instinct, follow it." You see....this was 2 days after something happened to Willow...aka "Willow the Warrior" and I had to process for two days before even sharing the above. I was scared out of my mind and honestly desperate to do anything I possibly could for my baby girl.

Post from - January 29, 2021

"On Sunday, Willow had an episode that was very scary, something we’d never experienced before. Because my amazing parents took amazing care of her, (she was with them at the time), and after my mother’s incredible note taking, we were able to document the entire episode for the doctors. On Monday we were seen by the pediatrician who has since referred us to specialists. However while at the doctors, Willow had a second episode and the doctor was able to see it herself. We were told to go to the ER if it were to happen again, so here we were tonight at the ER, as another episode occurred. Tomorrow morning, Willow will be receiving an MRI. Please pray for her as she goes through these tests and pray we get answers and are directed on how to best help her. It’s looking like seizures at this time, but as a mother I am trying not to panic and certainly not google too much stuff. Willow is in great spirits and loves the care she is receiving from the wonderful doctors who call & check on her daily & joke around with her." At this time....we knew NOTHING....other than she was having "episodes" that were unexplainable.

January 29, 2021 "Plot twist...because that’s how we roll.

Current update on Willow May Lucille.

The morning started out with us headed to get her MRI done. However a different physician saw her today and decided he did not want an MRI. After a little bit of me arguing with him and him explaining why he felt we needed to go a different route, I left feeling less defeated. We are now seeing Pediatric Cardiology at Hershey. Willow will wear a heart monitor for 30 days. Just waiting to get it fitted. I still feel uneasy and would like neurology involved and, they still will be, but we will have better access at Hershey for this now.

Until we can determine what actually may be going on, her episodes & symptoms line up with what is called SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia).

Our plan with her doctors is to treat her as if she does have SVT and see what the monitor may tell us along with upcoming visits with the specialists. This means helping her get her heart back into normal rhythm with some interesting tricks that might make us laugh afterwards."

February 4, 2021

"Willow had a minor episode late last night, while we were instructed to go straight to Hershey with the next episode, we opted to stay home as it was very minor and we were able to get her calm within seconds of it starting. We also did not want to risk our lives in the snow & slick roads on that long drive. Last nights episode really got me taking notes like crazy, documenting every detail so we can explain what occurs to the doctors."

February 4, 2021

Basically, this is where we are at today...

-EEG came back normal (praise the Lord)

-Holter monitor has not arrived yet, it’s being mailed to us, so as soon as that arrives, she will wear it for 30 days.

- Hershey pediatric cardiology will see her on Monday.

- Hershey neurology appointments are being set up.

- if another episode does occur, we go straight to Hershey.

Until we get more guidance & see Hershey specialists we are keeping lots of notes, have created a journal that Willow can log her own experiences & the way she feels down for doctors.

Her episodes are something that we hope to get officially diagnosed and be able to treat properly, but until we can know for sure, we will treat her as if she does have SVT."

At this point....I was simply taking massive notes like crazy, but still uneasy about things yet felt we needed to trust the doctors.

February 8, 2021

"Here is the most current update & selfie Willow took while waiting for her echocardiogram today. What we know as of today: they can see tachycardia &

she has a bit of scoliosis & pectus excavation. Which may lead us down a road of connective tissue stuff eventually but nothing concerning right now.

Her echo looked great and the muscular function of her heart is good! Praise the Lord!

Many have asked what her episodes look like, here are some of the things that have happened during Willow’s episodes.

- sweating - feeling of heart racing -feeling of throat tightness - shaking - hyperventilating- saying she thinks she is dying - begging to call a doctor - feeling dizzy - near fainting - sick to stomach - extreme fatigue - legs giving out - muscle tightness - eyes feel like they are moving (but they aren’t) - hands tingle - overall weird feeling."

Still no clue what was actually happening, but at this point...I was thankful to at least be getting some answers.

February 15, 2021

"We are on day 5 of the holter monitor. It’s not going so well, as she is extremely allergic to the pads.

I no longer say “it was a no episode day” because as soon as I do, she has one. We have good days and we have days where there are 4 episodes during the day and 3 at night.

Willow also recently expressed she wants to sleep in the living room because she knows at night her episodes are worse in bed, so we now understand why she doesn’t want to ever go to bed and will do anything in her power to stay awake.

On the list this week is working on getting a referral for a geneticist & stalking the mailbox for new pads for the monitor.

We will get this figured out, we will not stop asking questions, researching and praying. We are forever grateful for all the love & support. Forever my kids advocate, forever their momma."

That last statement has remained so true throughout this entire ordeal.

February 17, 2021

"Willow is tired of doctors poking & prodding. She is tired of waiting rooms & covid checks.

I am tired mentally & physically. This is very overwhelming as a parent and I believe my brain hit the overload level today.

Today’s visit was with neurology. It was very long, this was Willow part way through the appointment.

I cannot even wrap my head around all the new tests we are enduring to rule things out. Looks like we are traveling to York Hospital in a few days to get a 48 hour EEG hooked up, then coming home for 48 hours, then returning back after 48 hours to get un-hooked.

She will also be screened for pheochromocytoma."

Hospital Visits, Doctor Appointments, Monitors, Doctors, Tests, Raindrop Massages & constant heart rate monitoring...our next few months became extremely episodes were increasing and nothing was helping her.


"Warrior Willow had her follow up visit at cardiology today!

She is officially a POTS girl. (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).

People with POTS can’t coordinate the balancing act of blood vessel squeeze and heart rate response. This means the blood pressure can’t be kept steady & stable. Which basically means when her blood pressure drops she has the episodes that we have been documenting & have been in emergency rooms for. While we cannot determine which form of POTS she has at this time, we know how to monitor it and she can continue living life without having any specific restrictions, other than her needing more salt, tons of water daily & zero caffeine.


We will be getting the eye test for genetics to check for Ehlers Danlos and any other auto immune diseases that can put you at higher risk with POTS. We are also continuing with the 48 hour EEG in a few weeks to rule out anything else that may be neurological."

And this is the day I became a hard-core advocate for POTS

On April 28, 2021...I shared this... "Tonight I watched my baby get back on a horse.

She didn’t have an episode.

She didn’t have any blood pulling.

It was absolutely amazing to watch her have no fear & get back on with no hesitation.

While you may not see it when you walk by her or when you sit with her for hours, we see it daily.

We see the extreme fatigue, the purple feet, the purple legs, we hear the palpitations, we see the blood pressure drop.

We sense the mood swings, we see the shiners under her eyes, we feel the fear in her voice.

POTS awareness is real! This is an ongoing daily disease."

May 5, 2021

"Migraines with vomiting are becoming more prevalent for Willow, we are learning this is caused by lack of oxygen to her brain from POTS.

It’s debilitating for her and heartbreaking for me to watch."

July 21, 2021

"She had been in the pool swimming and began to lose feeling in her toes. They turn purple and go numb…aka blood pooling. She is so used to this now that she just jumps in the sink or tub and fills it with warm water to get feeling back.

Last night she had an episode that caused us to worry a bit more. While “seizure like episodes” are on her medical charts, we truly weren’t convinced they were actual seizures. That all changed last night. Maybe these are seizures but how are they connected to her POTS?! As parents, we question it all, we get frustrated because not all doctors listen. Tests & procedures are pushed back for months and we aren’t getting anywhere. We aren’t confident in her diagnosis and treatment plan. Now we are even more convinced we must get answers faster than we are. We cannot keep sitting back waiting months for an important appointments and getting denied from insurance for important tests. Rich & I are heavily discussing taking Willow to Texas for the care & answers she so needs, with Dr. Diana Driscoll at Pots Care."

This is where the motherly insticts and lack of patience with our doctors really started kicking in.

July 26, 2021

"POTS…it’s become our daily routine. (POTS) can be dangerous under certain circumstances. POTS is a debilitating and serious condition that can severely impair quality of life.

We are incredibly grateful this is not anything life threatening. However, we still don’t know her underlying condition. We still don’t know what the root cause it’s.

Was it covid? Is it genetic?

This is the part that infuriates me as a mother…insurance companies dictate what care & testing your child receives. Not all doctors listen to you. Sometimes even the people closest to you think you are nuts. Why wouldn’t you just listen to the doctor???? “Because sometimes the doctors aren’t listening!!!! “

As a mother, I will do everything in my power to get my child the help & care she so truly deserves. Never ever do I question a mother’s gut instinct.

If your motherly instinct tells you to get another pet because it’s something that helps your child cope…do it.

If your motherly instinct tells you to change your child’s diet, because it will help her autonomic system function better…do it!

If your motherly instinct says to raise $10,000 to take your child to Texas for care…do it!!!

Mommas…you know your babies best…don’t let anyone stand in the way of that. Whether you lose friends because you can’t do what you used to do, whether you lose income because you can’t work like you used to, whether you have people looking at you with 3 eyes…it’s all worth it for your children’s wellness!"

This whole time I have been sharing her story, I was actually talking to myself...letting my emotions come out and my motherly instincts speak loudly.

Jumping to July 21, 2021 "Never in a million years did I think my husband and I would be sitting here having the conversation on how to fundraise to provide medical care for our child."

This was the day we decided we would do whatever it took to get her to PotsCare in Texas! We had been reading the testimonies for months and prayed about it and knew it just had to happen. Willow needed answers, she deserved better.

We put our faith in God and created a t-shirt design for a fundraiser and it took off like wild-fire. The fundraising efforts are for a whole different blog post, (I have so many people to thank) but you can read one of the awesome newspaper articles here:

The whole point I am trying to make here, is that we knew in our hearts, this is where Willow needed to go for care, and we were willing to put everything at risk to make it happen for her.


Social media deleted or blocked many of the posts I made in this timeframe, due to censorship. But what we shared in this timeframe were updates on testing & preparations. Because we put our faith in the Lord, we went ahead and scheduled the visit in Texas at Pots Care. I knew the Lord would provide, so we just did it, we scheduled the week long stay for Texas! And in the meantime, they sent us for tests to prepare for the visit!

October 17, 2021

We arrive in Texas for treatment:

"It’s episodes like this tonight, that give me the energy to continue advocating for her. Random, no rhyme or reason, no specific triggers we can figure out. She feels her throat swelling, she begins to get dizzy, she feels “weird” and then begins to panic because she isn’t understanding what is happening to her body. It’s her autonomic nervous system, and at 8 years old she cannot put into words what she feels.

Yes, we help pull her out of them with oils but we aren’t treating the underlying cause, instead we are putting bandaids on it. Every single person with this silent illness deserves answers to the underlying issues. Tomorrow we begin the treatment process here in Texas. And can begin treating the underlying cause of these POTS episodes."

October 18, 2021- FINALLY AT POTS CARE!

"Trial treatment started today and we are already beginning to unfold her underlying issues. It’s mind blowing what one day has already done for us!" October 19, 2021 - DAY 2 at POT CARE

"We’ve learned so much about her body in two days. We’ve learned what type of POTS she has and what causes it. We’ve learned how to treat and have already begun the process. One thing I can say, is none of this was found by any of her specialists at home. My mind is blown at what we know already in just two days. Forever grateful this is happening. Forever grateful for Pots Care here in Texas! She is already positively reacting to treatment"

October 21, 2021 "Day 3 of her falling asleep on her own, without me having to lay with her, without a fight. She is sleeping through the entire night, not waking up at all.

She is cold! She is wearing clothes to bed and covering up with blankets! This is HUGE!!!!! (This will make sense when we share her underlying issues) We haven’t really shared the difficulties of her sleeping patterns, because to be honest, we didn’t realize it had anything to do with her illness. Nobody told us, until now."

October 22, 2021 "This cowgirl has completed her in-person visits with PotsCare for the week.

She will continue to be in their care virtually throughout her recovery.

I know so many are anxious to hear what we’ve learned. I will begin by telling everyone what her preliminary findings are.

Chronic inflammation & vascular inflammation are major underlying factors of her illness. Stressors such as heat, stress, illness, hormones, weather & food cause her inflammation to get worse & bring on her episodes.

Willow is hyper-mobile and has an underlying disorder of connective tissue. (Weakened connective tissue), due to this is it difficult to regulate some aspects of her inflammation. (Regulating temperature is a big issue for her)

There is idiopathic intracranial hypertension (Pressure in the brain) - this is why she cannot sleep well. This is why she never fell asleep on her own or slept through the night. It’s also reasons for a multitude of symptoms she has.

She has low acetylcholine levels & low vagus nerve function (the vagus nerve problems are secondary to low acetylcholine levels) This is something I will discuss more in depth eventually.

Willow is on two prescriptions to help with the intra-cranial pressure & lots of natural supplements to help her body recover from the inflammation & bring her acetylcholine levels back to normal. She is taking all her pills like a champ & will have highs & lows during recovery.

The best part of all this is that she could live a life without POTS! It’s a matter of finding the underlying issues & treating those! I promise to continue to elaborate & share everything we are doing to help her recover. These next few months will be brutal for her as she will have times she crashes as her body learns how to adjust but we are fully confident in bringing her home & moving forward."

October 27, 2021

"While we’ve been adjusting to our regular schedules, we’ve also been very busy behind the scenes figuring out this road to her recovery. Willow is now sleeping through the night every single night, in her own bed, without me having to put her to sleep. While this may sound really strange for an almost 9 year old child, it was our reality. I had exhausted all the ways to try and get her to stay asleep. I was losing sleep myself every night, because of her constantly waking up.

We used multiple natural methods and yes they worked to get her to sleep, but we could never understand why she couldn’t stay asleep.

Little did we know this was all most likely stemming from Idiopathic Hypertension without papilledema (IIHWOP) also known as High Intracranial Pressure. Which means that the pressure of the fluid that surrounds the brain is too high.

There are a multitude of symptoms associated with IIH and can often lead to being misdiagnosed with things such as migraines, brain fog, earaches, vertigo, etc. Willow is a prime example of being misdiagnosed. We’ve also been told she has psychiatric issues, but we will get into that on another post.

If we had just been given the MRI we begged for, we could have found the pressure, if the eye specialists would have run the proper testing, we could have found this. But it was a money game, an insurance battle for our daughters health. You can’t just say, I want an MRI done, instead a board of doctors at the insurance company get to make that decision.

While I could stay bitter at the doctors that we saw for not listening to me, or the insurance company for denying test after test, I instead choose to find gratitude in the entire process, because if it weren’t for me doubting what we were being told with specialists at home, we would have never been able to get real answers. I chose to dig deeper and lose more sleep but it was all worth it.

While we are still learning ourselves about everything, we are actively treating Willow based on direction from her doctor in Texas and we couldn’t be more pleased. As many of you may already know, I am not a huge fan of medications, OTC drugs or anything not “semi-crunchy” but we were open to learning & trying anything to give our daughter the normal life she deserves to live. When we were told she needed to be on medication to help the pressure, I didn’t even flinch, (until they read me the side effects). It took a whole lot of trust & faith in these doctors in Texas, but they earned every bit of it. I trusted them and agreed to the medication. She started it on day 1 while we were there. Within hours, we began to see results. I let myself get into my own head though, because I couldn’t help but think “how is this actually working already”, maybe it was a fluke on the first day, but then it kept happening day after day, we were seeing changes….good ones.

Back to the side effects, and forgive me as I am probably all over the place, but it’s how my brain works LOL (squirrel) The side effects cause tingling in her mouth, fingers, toes & nose. After a few weeks this will go away. The biggest thing we are watching for is her CO2 & potassium levels. Because this medication can help her, it can also lower those levels, so she has a standing order to get her levels checked bi-weekly. We also use lots of lemons in her water & alkaline drops to keep her from getting kidney stones.

One other thing we have done is raised the head of her bed 3 inches, because high intracranial pressure worsens when horizontal. Who knew?!

Eventually as pressure lessens she will be able to come off the medication! How amazing is that!! and her body will know when pressure is coming back and eventually she will learn how to treat it naturally."

October 29, 2021

"Part of our transparency in Willow’s journey, is giving you the raw truth.

Today was a doozy. She woke up feeling miserable, didn’t want to get out of bed and laid on the couch almost all day long.

We were warned she would most likely crash this week but in my hopeful momma mode, I really didn’t want her to crash.

Yet she did. And it’s normal, she is going to still have episodes, she is going to still feel sick until her body learns how to adjust & rid all the inflammation, heal her veins & release the pressure in her brain.

It’s going to be up & down and not all days will be good."

November 11, 2021 "We've been home for a few weeks now settling in after our trip to Texas. It's been a roller coaster since returning but things are slowly coming together. The MAIN reason we chose to take her to the place in Texas, is because I knew deep down with every motherly intuition I had in me, that there was more to her story & more to medical issues than our doctors here were telling us. I would get frustrated when I would have to repeat myself over and over at each new doctor, when all they had to do was compare notes. When all they had to do was cross-reference her charts. The doctors here did not look at her history, I had to show it to them. Multiple tests were done, many of them the same tests, many of them not read correctly. Many of them done when they weren't even needed. Nobody would listen, nobody would dig deeper. In fact, we were told she most likely needed behavioral therapy to help her deal with her medical issues, she would need counseling to learn how to cope. One pediatrician had the nerve to say she thought Willow was doing all this for attention.

So we took it upon ourselves to dig and to find a place that would actually listen, that would actually look at every single piece of paper, every single test result, every single summary from her visits. Pots Care has gone above and beyond our expectations. Not only did we leave knowing what kind of POTS she has, but we left knowing the ROOT CAUSE!

Pots Care, focuses on locating and treating the underlying medical problem leading to POTS – not in treating only the symptoms.

I will be open and honest about it all, the ups & downs & the wins & losses! I feel it is important to help other parents get the correct care for their children as well, so thank you for listening.

Quick Update: So far, she's had only 3 episodes since returning home from Texas. ONLY 3!!!!! That's incredible, she was having anywhere from 2-4 a day.

Inflammation is our number one priority right now, as what Willow has is Inflammatory & Vascular POTS. Meaning inflammation is affecting her vascular issues. I spoke more on this in prior posts, but what I can tell you is that her POTS is a direct result of chronic, systemic inflammation. This inflammation is affecting her blood vessels and gastrointestinal tract but can also affect almost any tissue of the body )

Willow's chronic inflammation involves a specific inflammatory cell -- an eosinophil. These cells can be located most anywhere in the gut and/or esophagus (and sometimes the lungs). Eosinophil disorders contribute to vessel weakening, which can worsen Inflammatory POTS. This can make issues real interesting for her, so she is being taught how to calm the inflammation. . IIHWOP” (idiopathic intracranial hypertension without papilledema) - I have been so intrigued with learning about this and had no idea how many people probably have high pressure in their brain and don't even realize it. The interesting thing about us working on bringing her pressure down with her medication, is all the help her doctors in Texas give us to understand it, and how to manage it. Not only are we making lifestyle changes to help her, but when we were being seen in PA & MD by specialists, they all told her she needed salt, lots of it. BUT salt actually causes pressure to increase. Yet she was being pushed to have massive salt intake, when it was actually making her symptoms worse. Again, beyond thankful for the insane amount of help & education we are receiving from Pots Care. . Malabsorption syndrome is a secondary issue we were never aware of, it happens with long-standing GI problems with chronic inflammation. Willow exhibits numerous symptoms of vitamin/mineral deficiencies and blood work revealed low hematocrit and hemoglobin. (which not a single doctor here seemed alerted about, even when I asked numerous times). So, willow is on iron pills and also a supplement to help her body naturally absorb the nutrients she needs. . Vagus nerve dysfunction – Willow has many signs & symptoms of poor vagus nerve function due to low acetylcholine levels. This can contribute to gallbladder dysfunction, malabsorption, poor digestion, fast heart rate, SIBO, constipation, gastroparesis, and increased inflammation. Low acetylcholine contributes to brain fog, poor executive skills, and difficulty staying alert. We are beyond thrilled to have been given a patented supplement to help her with this...again we would have never known this had we not gone to Texas. . The type of chronic inflammation Willow has, can cause a hypercoagulable state (encouraging blood clots), but her D-Dimer is normal, praise the Lord, but to keep her vessels from getting sticky, she is on a medication to help with that. . Chronic inflammation and oxidation can ultimately affect the brain and as a consequence, moods. hmmmmm, going back to when doctors were telling us she needed a counselor, a behavioral therapist, because they thought it was all in her head or she was making it up. Interesting isn't it. Yesterday, Willow stayed home from school, because I noticed the "mood". She was sobbing, she was miserable, she was tired. I thought back to how her chronic inflammation may be the underlying cause of her mood changes. I have to now first, think of them as symptoms of inflammation. It all makes sense. When she would come out of episodes, her mood would change, she was miserable, and honestly not fun to be around, it all makes sense now. . Another note on her inflammation: when her inflammation is high, her response to stress will be poor and exaggerated. Stress also triggers more inflammation, resulting in a vicious cycle that can be difficult to break. While she is recovering, we are avoiding unnecessary stress, if possible. . While we know none of this is a cure, we are positive she can return to her baseline making things nearly normal for her. Because we now have a plan, we now know what her underlying issues are and how to treat those." . I strongly urge anyone who resonates with any of Willow's story to take the leap of faith, reach out, I will give you all the information you need! I am here to help you advocate for your children (or even yourself). I'll lead you in the right direction."

November 15, 2021 "This is what a “Warrior” looks like!

Empowering her to take control of her health!

She is refilling her “pill box” with her medications & natural supplements that help her live the normal life she was meant to live!!

Beyond grateful for these incredible supplements."

We have seen drastic changes, drastic results....Willow is no longer having multiple episodes a day. She is happy, she is energetic, yes she has bad days, but we now know how to treat those bad days, because we understand the underlying condition. It is no longer about putting band aids on the symptoms. We are finally treating her underlying conditions! I couldn't be happier with the results and it is now my passion to help others find their underlying conditions and treat those as well.

November 28, 2021

"I am super excited to share that I have begun an adventure to help others get the same care & help we were able to get for Willow. It is my ultimate goal to see others get to their root issues of POTS and find healthy ways to work through & treat the underlying issues.

As you know, we have shared Willow's journey with you and continue to do so often. We've seen drastic success and couldn't be happier with her treatment.

I'm excited to begin sharing about some of the amazing products & ways Willow is receiving care & recovering so well.

The POTS Care Package™ gave Willow (and us) the support to help manage her POTS symptoms and address her underlying issues

POTS Care Package™ is the first and only program to address the underlying causes of POTS, not just the symptoms. The tools provided in the POTS Care Package™ gave us a better overview of her triggers and symptoms. Our minds have been blown by the things we were never told before, and since beginning this care, we are overwhelmed by the changes in her and how well has been since starting.

Dr. Diana Driscoll, (the doctor we saw in Texas), is a leading expert in POTS care, research, and advocacy. Hands down... SHE IS AMAZING! Anyway....she created the POTS Care Package, which is a 3-month recovery program validated by scientific research and centered in values of compassion and empathy. ™ It is an affordable, groundbreaking 3-month recovery program for POTS patients. It’s the first and only POTS recovery program to address the underlying medical causes of POTS, not just the symptoms. HOW AMAZING IS THIS!!!!

And my own daughter is a living testimony to this package! Seriously, I cannot say it enough...she has been given her life back.

Many POTS patients and people with invisible illnesses struggle to be heard, especially with their emotions and concerns. Even family members can and often respond with skepticism. This is what has given me such a drive to be a voice for my daughter and others who don't feel heard. My heart is in this full force and I want more than anything to see others get the same help we did.

So what is in the POTS Care Package? You'll receive a biofeedback technology, specialized supplements, and a convenient smartphone app with biweekly audio sessions from Dr. Diana Driscoll, Clinical Director of POTS Care®. (These audios are amazing, I've listened to them multiple times because I still am amazed at the way our daughter's life has been transformed)

You can experience a comprehensive recovery package shaped by compassion and backed by science!!! Seriously....worth every single penny and more....watching my daughter come back to us and so many positive changes, I can assure you this is so worth it.

more details: ● Smartphone app - The only smartphone app for POTS recovery! Use this app while Dr. Driscoll gently guides you through her new discoveries and how they may help your case. Through this app you will access audios with education, coaching, and compassionate support. ● Recovery Workbook – Easily track your progress with a detailed workbook and private journal, paired to Dr. Driscoll’s sessions ● Wearable Technology – Detect and manage anxiety or adrenaline surges before they happen with a wearable HRV biosensor and smartphone app. ● Specialized Supplements – Naturally support the function of crucial bodily systems associated with the underlying causes of POTS. ● POTS Dietary Guidance –Most Inflammatory POTS patients are incredibly sensitive. Learn how to locate food sensitivities while you work through recovery. ● Activity & Exercise– Start slow with an exercise plan tailored for POTS sufferers. You can exercise anywhere, even in bed!

POTS patients do not have to suffer can truly begin recovery!

December 3, 2021

Recently, I have been removed from a large POTS support group, for sharing my daughter's story. I've been censored for sharing truth. I've been reported on social media and some of my posts have blocked from others to see. It not only infuriates me, but it saddens me, because we have a SUCCESS story to share and are not allowed to share it. There are others just like Willow that could be helped, but because of the censorship it makes it much harder to help others. It makes my heart ache to watch our story go untold and censored because it's not the "typical" story, instead it's a success story. I'll never stop speaking up, no matter how many times they try to censor me. This is my daughter's real-life experience and testimony and for that we are incredibly grateful and hope to help others in the process of sharing. I am here to help, here to listen...please don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to help you get the same care we got for our Willow.

Much Love, Sarah

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