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Shopping for a deal!

I may have created a frenzy with my latest social media stories. This morning, I shared that I scored a chrome book for $74 and boxes of Pop Tarts for just a quarter each. Instantly, my inbox was flooded with people wanting to know how I did that and where they could also go find the same deals.

I'm here to share some of my secrets, but not all of them, because I think it's important for everyone to learn some things on their own and to have fun while learning how to do this "snagging of deals" Years ago, I was a crazy coupon lady. I had binders full of coupons, I would go buy 10 newspapers every Sunday just to get the coupons inside. As I got deeper and deeper into the couponing, I realized I was just buying stuff and never used it. It was a complete waste of money, just because I thought I was getting it for a good deal, didn't mean I needed all the "crap" I'm talking I had probably 100 Razors, because I only paid 10 cents for them. But my goodness, I had to also store those razors somewhere and really didn't go through 100 of them in a short amount of time. In fact, there may even still be some in a bin somewhere in my basement. The trick with finding deals, is to find deals, you actually need. I am not a fan of hoarding & keeping things we will never use or be able to give away or make a few dollars from. So, here is my momma voice, "don't buy things you don't need". It's a lesson I teach my children, so I have to sometimes tell myself the same thing. The thrill of the deal will get you super pumped and you'll want to buy all the things, but limit yourself and let some of the product for others that may need it more than you.


Okay, so how in the world did I score a chrome book valued at almost $400 for only $74? And how did I snag all those boxes of Pop Tarts at just a quarter each? It's so crazy easy... I literally just join groups on Facebook and follow my favorite guy "The Freebie Guy" on Instagram. Each morning, I take a few minutes to scroll to see if there is anything I may be able to score at a local store and do my research on sites like to see if it's really marked down and which store closest to me has inventory. The past few weeks, I have also scored some awesomeness at Dollar General & Amazon. Hello Christmas gifts coming in hot at prices slashed 75-90% off. I'm telling you friends, you do not need to pay full price for things. You just have to know where to look for deals. This morning, what I did was open up each of the groups I follow and selected "photos" this allowed me to see what posts had photos of products that someone found on clearance and if I saw one I was intrigued with, I searched that specific product in the search bar of that group, which took me directly to the post that had the photo I was intrigued with. I read what they said, quickly glance at the comments and then search the brickseek site. The brickseek site, is what will truly tell me if the item is on clearance and what stores near me have inventory.

When I saw the pictures of the chrome book and pop tarts, I wanted to know more, so I just did those quick steps and found both at my local small town Walmart. I had some errands to run anyway, so why not try and find them. I was able to find them both and checked out with a smile on my face. Not only did I save a ton of money, but I grabbed both of these deals, because they were things I actually needed. My laptop has been out of commission for almost 2 years because one of my kids spilled a soda on it, so I have really been needing one, just haven't wanted to spend the money on one, unless I found a good deal and I know my kids will eat the Pop Tarts, so it wasn't a waste of my money.

Because I want to at least help you get started on this "Hunting for Deals", I will share a few Facebook groups to check out. This will help you get an idea of how you can hunt for deals & save some money on things you may need!

Walmart Clearance Shoppers Heavenly Deals & Steals Krazy Coupon Lady

The Freebie Guy

And because some of you reading this may be local to can check out Walmart in Waynesboro PA for these jeans that are marked down to $1.00. There are a few left in their inventory (unsure of sizes though) Hint - download the Walmart app and scan all the jeans to see which ones are marked down. And don't get discouraged if you cannot find them. Sometimes we don't always leave the store a winner.


Now, for an online deal I came across today....are you in the need of new bedding? Does someone need this for Christmas? What a perfect gift. This bedding set is marked down from $242.99 to $51.58! What a savings! You can snag the deal HERE

I will begin sharing my favorite deals of the week in my emails. They usually go out on Friday's. So if you are not yet subscribed to my email list, do so now, so you don't miss out on any that I share. The rest are for you to find, using the tips I shared with you.

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