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Birdie's Nest In Home DIY Shop

What the heck is Birdie's Nest anyway? A few months ago, I had a vision. I had a vision of helping women make small intentional changes managing their home and family giving them more time, less stress and stronger family relationships. Being confident in your role as a mom is key to your family thriving instead of just surviving.

I wanted to create a place for women to come, where they could feel at ease, feel comfortable, feel open to be themselves. While lying in bed each night for a week, the vision would not go away, I decided on the fifth night of never-ending thoughts running through my head to just get up and make it happen.

I got up, went to my office and visualized what Birdie's Nest would look like. It was a clean, soft inviting area for ladies to come get creative, laugh and learn. I stayed awake, moved furniture, re-arranged shelves, created graphics, created labels and Birdie's Nest was literally born overnight.

I wanted an area we could come together to learn, grow, cry, laugh, create and just be women. Women need other women...I needed more women in my life to laugh with.

At Birdie's Nest, we create DIY's using all natural ingredients. You can come create some of your favorite DIY's without having to order all the supplies yourself. We have them for you. From Air Freshening spray to Lotions. From Poo Sprays to Goats Milk Soaps. We've got it all for you here at Birdie's Nest.

Our shelves are so different than a typical store shelf. Every bottle or container is beautifully labeled with cute labels, but the bottles are empty, because you become the creator of what goes in that bottle or container. You pick what you want to create and we give you the supplies/ingredients needed to make that item! It's so fun!

At Birdie's Nest, you'll also find one of a kind experiences....aka events! We have monthly educational events where we create things from wreaths, succulents, roller bottles, paintings, home decor and more. There is always something to do at Birdie's Nest. And of course, I am here with my mom, Denise ...aka "The Crazy Oil Ladies" to talk, cry, laugh or help you in anyway needed on your journey of life. We are pretty much here to hang with you when you visit Birdie's Nest!

We'd love to have you visit us at Birdie's see our upcoming events or what awesome DIY's you can create at Birdie's Nest, visit us on Facebook:

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